Well-Being Resources

Well-being is the positive sense of self and belonging that we feel when our cognitive, emotional, social and physical needs are being met. Well-being in early years and the school setting is about helping children and students become resilient and self-aware, so that they can make positive and healthy choices to support their learning and achievement both now and in the future.

This Well-Being website was created for our parents and school community as a tool to provide information and connections in the area of student academic, social, emotional and behavioral well-being. The following resources give an overview of student well-being and outline our school processes for accessing supports within the district and from the wide variety of community agencies out there which can provide additional supports. On the following webpages you will be introduced to the many school staff who are trained and available to assist in planning for your student’s well-being.

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Mental Health Virtual Town Halls

The Minnetonka Schools Mental Health Advisory Committee has hosted two virtual Mental Health Town Hall events during the 2020-21 school year to support families, students and community members in navigating mental health questions. Town Halls featured community clinicians, school support staff and students, who offered various perspectives as part of these conversations.

The first Town Hall, held in November 2020, focused on navigating mental health challenges during COVID-19. The second Town Hall, held in February 2021, focused on raising awareness around anxiety and depression using the documentary film Angst. Resources from each Town Hall event are available below.