School Board Election Information

A School Board election is held every two years of the first Tuesday in November of odd-numbered years.

Special Election in 2022

There is a School Board election this year (2022) for one seat, which is to complete the final year of the term of a School Board member who moved out-of-district in 2021.

Questions About the Election

If you have any questions regarding elections, please call 952-401-5000.



  • Polling places during odd-year elections are combined and may be different from even-year elections.
  • Visit Pollfinder to locate your polling location for the next election.


In Person

Beginning 45 days prior to election, ISD 276 residents living in the City of Minnetonka can vote in person at Minnetonka City Hall. If you do not live in the City of Minnetonka, contact your local city hall to find out your voting location.

By Mail

Hennepin County and Carver County oversees all absentee voting by mail. For more information regarding absentee voting by mail, please visit Hennepin County's or Carver County's absentee voting page.


Candidates on Ballot for School Board Election on November 8, 2022:

  • Michael Remucal
  • Brandon Voges

Election Results

Official election results are reported by the Secretary of State's Office.

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