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In support of the Minnetonka School Board goals, the District has engaged in a careful exploration of student interests and needs surrounding post-secondary opportunities in the skilled trades. With special thanks to our student focus groups, Trades Advisory Board, staff and administrators, MOMENTUM was launched with expanded opportunities in technology education beginning in the 2020-21 school year.

"Momentum" captures the hands-on, forward motion and forward thinking that is part of this work. It's broad and expandable as we grow the offerings of this program.

In 2020-21, students experienced:

  • two brand-new courses that fulfilled core requirements (Metal Sculpture [art credit] and The Physics of Home Renovation [science physics credit])
  • guest speakers and panel presentations
  • connections to local businesses
  • awareness of trade and technical school offerings
  • Senior Capstone experience for students who complete an advanced-level course

Various student fees are part of Technology Education courses.

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Course Listing

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Airbrush I

Course: #6426
Grade(s) offered: 9-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
This course completes .5 towards the Arts credit 
Prerequisites: None

This course will help students learn airbrush techniques that will expand their artistic expression and bring professionalism to their graphic products.

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Airbrush II

Course: #6428
Grade(s) offered: 10-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
This course completes .5 towards the Arts credit 
Prerequisites: .5 credit in Airbrush I

This course will allow students to take what they have learned in Airbrush I to a new level.

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Architectural Drafting/Design

Course: #6414, S1
Course: #6416, S2
Grade(s) offered: 10-12    
Credits: .5 (per semester)
This course requires completion of S1 and S2 to earn .5 Arts Credit 
Prerequisites: None

This course instructs students in architectural design trends giving them a practical, hands-on experience in structural design, interior design, and floor planning.

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Automotive I - NEW FOR 2021-22

Course: #M6454, offered in spring semester
Grade(s) offered: 11-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
Prerequisites: None

This course is designed for the students who would like to own, maintain, and service a personal vehicle. A key component of the experience includes hands-on lab experience around diagnostic techniques and maintenance. 

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Graphic Arts 

Course: #6424
Online Option: #T6424
Grade(s) offered: 9-12    
Credits: .5 (per semester)
This course completes .5 towards the Arts credit 
Prerequisites: None    

This is an exploratory course open to all students seeking an introductory experience in Graphic Arts.

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Course: #6444
Grade(s) offered: 9-12
Credits: .5 (semester course)
This course completes .5 towards the Arts credit
Prerequisites: None

This sculpture course will emphasize the artistic creation with the technical instruction using metal and other mediums.

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Metals III Engineering

Course: #6440, S1
Course: #6442, S2
Grade(s) offered: 11-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
Prerequisites: Metals II

Students will experience advanced applications of precision manufacturing using a variety of materials and processes. Students will have the latest precision manufacturing technology available to use. 

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Physics of Home Renovation

Course: #M3036, S1
Course: #M3038, S2
Grade(s) offered: 11-12
Credits: 2.0 (year-long course, two hours) 
Students will be registered for both Home Renovation (technology education course) and Applied Physics (science course) as part of Physics of Home Renovation. Fulfills the Physics science requirement.
Prerequisites: None

This course has not yet been approved for purposes of NCAA Initial Eligibility.

Hands-on course designed to give a working conceptual view of the Trades Industry. Modern Physics/Home Renovation concepts will be taught by incorporating the key principles of physics through the lens of design with a focus on project-based assessments.

Read More about Physics of Home Renovation
Power and Energy I

Course: #6430
Grade(s) offered: 9-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
Prerequisites: None

ATVs, dirt bikes, go-karts, lawn mowers, and mini bikes: if you use any of these, then you should be in this course. In the power part of the course, each student completely disassembles and reassembles a a small 4 stroke/cycle school engine while learning the systems that make an engine work.

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Power and Energy II

Course: #6432
Grade(s) offered: 10-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
Prerequisites: Power and Energy I

The first small engines course provided students with the basics of small 4-stroke/cycle operation, systems trouble-shooting and overhaul.

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Course: #6446
Grade(s) offered: 9-12
Credits: .5 (per semester)
Prerequisites: None

Students will learn how to safely use woodworking power equipment while initially making teacher-designed projects.

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Student welding.
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MHS is PLTW Certified

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In Project Lead the Way (PLTW) courses, students apply concepts of engineering, architecture, science, math, and technology to solve complex, open-ended problems in a real-world context. PLTW is highly respected by universities and provides students the opportunity to earn college credit at Minnesota universities.

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Academic Standards

Minnetonka Public Schools adheres to academic standards developed by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

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