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Celebrating School Nurses 2024

Wednesday, May 8 is National School Nurse Day! School nurses play an important role in making our schools safe and healthy places for students. 

From providing a healthcare perspective in planning to helping put together health plans, completing health screenings and training staff members to assist with health-related needs, our district's school nurses make a difference for students. They are experts in connecting students and families with the right resources to meet their needs.They also educate about health and safety in their school community to encourage healthy habits. 

“School nursing is an all-encompassing, dynamic role,” said Diane Severin, School Nurse at Minnewashta Elementary. “​We educate and support our school community daily about health best practices, and it could not be a more fulfilling career!”  

School nurses do more than just provide band-aids and ice packs for the students at their schools, although they do both of those things with care and kindness, too. School nurses help with everything from managing allergies to supporting students with diabetes. 

“We are involved in planning and coordination of care across multiple disciplines,” shared Katie Nigh, School Nurse at Minnetonka Middle School East. “We collaborate with school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, special education, and general education teachers, and more to address students' health needs.” 

Nurses  also provide a safe space for students for their emotions and to feel heard. “My favorite part of my job is being a calming presence for students when they are at their most vulnerable,” said Nigh. “Middle school is hard, and I strive to create a safe and supportive environment for students. I listen to their concerns and provide education on what they can do to improve their symptoms to foster independent decision making. My motto, that I have on the wall of the health office, is ‘Students must be healthy to be educated and educated to be healthy.’”

For Severin, working with children is also the best part of her job. “They are eager to learn, are helpful, and very funny. I loved school growing up, so it is special to be part of a school community again. As nurses, we have special bonds with the kids—especially those that we help more frequently and their families,” she shared. “We appreciate the trust that we build with parents and are a pillar of support for the entire school. I am grateful for all of the hard working, dedicated staff at Minnewashta and the district's health office team.”

Today, be sure to thank your school nurse for all that they do! Minnetonka Public Schools is grateful to have such a wonderful team of school nurses in our district.

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Celebrating School Nurses 2024

Wednesday, May 8 is National School Nurse Day! School nurses play an important role in making our schools safe and healthy places for students. Thank you, nurses!

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